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Adventurer Zipper Bags will surely come in handy when you need an easily accessible container for holiday purchase receipts, billings, etc. What’s more, you can stylize them to fit your taste or room’s interior design.
With a little creativity and the use of common crafting or art materials, you can easily transform a pile of used paper into a functional memo pad. Make one for yourself or your loved ones in a jiffy.
Although they’re originally intended to identify people, there’s always a way for you to jazz up your name tags to make them more functionally versatile while looking awesome. Here's how...
Beyond economical, DIY projects give you the opportunity to personalize. Such is the case in making this pen and pencil holder out of Adventurer Cut-Size Plastic Cover tubes. You can design and customize it based on your specific needs and taste.
Try making your own certificate-holder-cum-wall-frame! All you need is an Adventurer Certificate Holder and other readily available crafting materials. Learn how by going over this article.
Make your own personalized labels. Aside from your name, you can also write the days of the week or your school subjects (1 day/subject per label); hence transforming it into a customized tag! Here's how...
Contract Signing of Jodi and Thirdy as Adventurer’s Endorsers for the 2017 Campaign
Tombow is offering Complimentary Laser Engraving for every Tombow Design Pen (Zoom 505, Zoom L102, Zoom L104, Zoom L105) that you purchase with no minimum amount required.
Present any copy of Moms and Kids Magazine to get free entrance and participate in our games, contests and raffle draws.
Adventurer teaches kids the Habits of Getting Organized that can help them become effective and efficient in life.