How to Make Your Customized Memo Pad Using Scratch Paper

Date Published: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

There’s no one way of using scratch paper. With a little creativity and the use of common crafting or art materials, you can easily transform a pile of used paper into a functional memo pad. Make one for yourself or your loved ones in a jiffy. Just follow these simple steps.


Scratch paper (Unused)




Art/Crafting materials of your choice

Adventurer Cut-Plastic Cover

Glue/glue stick/transparent tape


  1. Gather your scratch paper pieces and cut each in your preferred size (1 whole, ½ , ¼, etc.). If you are going to make memo pads of differing sizes, make sure that each pad conforms to only one size. You can still use used paper provided you cut off the used part and retain the unused portions.
  2. Make the front and back cover of your pad by cutting the board into two equal-sized pieces conforming to the size of your cut scratch paper. You can cut the covers in either the exact same size as the paper or slightly bigger.
  3. Punch holes into one side your scratch paper ream. Do the same with the front and back covers
  4. Now, it’s time to decorate your covers! Paint or assemble patterns using your preferred art materials. Once you are done, let the covers air-dry for at least 10 minutes. If you are using paints, stick to acrylic or colored markers/crayons/oil pastels. Do not use watercolor because it may require several applications or oil, as this will take hours (sometimes a day or 2) to dry.
  5. As soon as you are finished decorating or painting your covers, you can start wrapping them with Adventurer Cut-Plastic Cover. When done, punch holes in the exact  same spot as those on the covers.
  6. To assemble, put the covers on the ream of cut scratch paper, one in front and the other one at the back. Make sure that the holes are exactly aligned. Then, secure the pad with the use of a metal fastener or properly knotted ribbon/twine/yarn.