Turn Your Zipper Bag into a Multi-Purpose Wall Organizer

Date Published: 
Thursday, November 9, 2017

Adventurer Zipper Bags do not only make excellent carry-alls for your work or school belongings, but they can also be used as nifty storages for small documents. In fact, you can easily make your own customized “multi-purpose wall organizer” with these bags.

These modified organizers will surely come in handy when you need an easily accessible container for holiday purchase receipts, billings, etc. What’s more, you can stylize them to fit your taste or room’s interior design. And because Adventurer Zipper Bags come with a sturdy plastic handle, you can hang your wall organizer with ease!

To get started, follow the simple instructions detailed below.


Adventurer Zipper Bag

Vellum cartolina or thin cardboard

Gift wrapper/colored paper

Colored envelopes (equal sizes)

Glue/glue stick

Felt-tip marker pen/s (any color)


  1. Cut the cartolina or cardboard into a rectangular shape that’s just big enough to be stored easily inside a zipper bag. For decorating purposes, cover the board with gift wrapper or colored paper first. Alternatively, you can use a colored cartolina.
  2. The next step is attaching the envelopes (3 envelopes, 1 for each category: receipt, billing/invoice, and miscellaneous) to the cut board/cartolina. To enhance the design or color of the latter, use envelopes of complementary or contrasting colors. Stick them using ordinary glue or hot glue stick applied with a glue gun.
  3. Using a marker, label each envelope by writing directly the name of the item intended for it. Another option is to write each label on another sheet of colored paper that complements the color or the envelope. Then, cut these to your desired shape before sticking each one on the designated envelope. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  4. Put the completed board organizer into a zipper bag, close it, and hang it on any wall or surface using the bag’s handle.

Hang your customized Adventurer Zipper Bag Wall Organizer by your desk or any accessible area you prefer.